When to Start Planning for Your Wedding After Getting Engaged

By Lillian Miller: Event Coordinator

Getting engaged is an exciting time, and you should enjoy every moment!! It is a beautiful and memorable thing to be able to celebrate the love of your life with your family and close friends. Starting your wedding planning can be very daunting, and you may need help knowing where and when to start. Whether you plan on having a small or large wedding, there are many places to get married in Suffolk, Va.

Some people have longer engagements than others, so it is up to the couple to see what time frame works best for them. It can be tempting to dive right into the planning process and call all wedding reception venues in Suffolk, especially when others ask millions of questions about the wedding. It is so important you enjoy it and show off that gorgeous ring! Everyone’s planning timeframe will be different, so here are some things to consider when planning and when to begin!

1. Wedding date is set for less than 6 months away

I recommend taking one week to enjoy your engagement and your new fiancé. This way, you can savor and enjoy this time. Call your family and friends and celebrate with each other. Having a wedding less than three months after getting engaged does have its perks. For example, the planning process will not be as intense. However, most of the event venues will already be booked, so finding the perfect wedding reception venues in Suffolk last minute is important! You may need to be flexible on options like indoor wedding venues versus outdoor wedding venues

2. Wedding date is set to be in a year

A year in advance to start your planning is what most experts recommend because it will give you ample time to plan and take time to enjoy just being engaged for a couple of weeks before planning. While still allowing the much-needed time to prepare. You’ll be able to enjoy the process of touring wedding reception venues in Suffolk, VA. Figuring out what you two love or dislike about different places makes getting married a fun adventure. While a year is one of the recommended options, it may still be enough time for some.

3. Wedding date is set for more than 15 months away

Some people enjoy longer engagements, which will provide more than enough time to start planning. I would wait closer to about a year out to start your checklist. With an exception, if you have a specific wedding reception venue in mind that you know books quickly. Or, if you have a particular date and no flexibility, you’ll want to talk to the wedding venue to see how far in advance you can book the event space. A long engagement can help with stress, and you will be able to relax a little more with the planning process. It helps when finding vendors because all your favorite vendors will likely have availabilities. It also gives you time to add every detail and ensure your wedding goes smoothly. Planning your wedding date for more than a year will allow you to enjoy your engagement stress-free.

4. First steps of the planning process

There are some main things to think about, first is the number one question, when is the wedding. Before looking at the wedding reception venues in Suffolk, VA, consider the date. If you don’t have your heart set on a specific date, it’s a good idea to look at different seasons. Depending on your location, you’ll find peak season happens at different times of the year depending on the weather. Typically, October is the peak wedding season, along with the summer months. Popular Suffolk outdoor wedding venues may book up quickly due to the ideal weather. There isn’t a right or wrong time to get married, but it’s good to have an idea when you start planning. There will be pros and cons to each season.


 · Spring
 · Summer
 · Fall
 · Winter

There are lots of places that have weekday weddings discounted, or you could do it on the weekend. A great place you can get married that offers weekday and weekend ceremonies is the Suffolk Conference Center, a beautiful wedding reception venue in Suffolk, Virginia. Another option to consider is holiday weekends, which allow additional time for guests to travel.

Day of the Week

· Sunday – Thursday
· Friday & Saturday
· Holiday Weekends

Once you have set your event date and wedding reception venue, you should start looking at the vendors, such as decorators, florists, entertainment, videographer, and photographer. Once booking the vendors is complete, you can start looking at your bridal & groom party, dress, and even honeymoon options!

5. Last-minute things to think about

Here are some smaller things couples may not think about until the last minute.

 · Complete Guest List

Make your guest list and try to stick to it. Don’t feel pressured to invite people you weren’t planning on just because they ask. Chances are your wedding reception venue will only be able to accommodate a specific number. Make sure you know what that is and stick to it. Know when to send out your invitations on time so your guest can have ample time to rsvp.

 · Wedding Timeline

The day of the wedding timeline includes more than just your ceremony and reception. Consider where you are getting ready and transportation to and from that location to the ceremony. Think about how long it will take for guests to travel between the ceremony and the wedding venue in. Ensuring a detailed timeline gives you enough time for everything without feeling rushed on your wedding day.

 · Day-of Contact

The day-of contact can be something other than a wedding coordinator if that’s not in the budget. But you should have a person the venue and other vendors know to contact so that you do not have to stress over last-minute details. This should be a person you trust, and that knows you well.

Reception Venues

There are many wedding reception venues in Suffolk, VA, to help accommodate your needs whenever you plan your wedding.

The Suffolk Conference Center is a one-stop shop for wedding ceremonies and receptions. We have options for outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies. The veranda with the Nansemond riverfront views provides a lovely space for the cocktail reception. Contact our elite team of wedding professionals who can help you put together your dream wedding!