Wedding Dress Trends of 2022

By: Davina Applewhite

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” If you’re a bride, it’s inevitable that you’ve heard plenty of platitudes, just like this one, in regards to your big day. Some of these could refer to proper etiquette to abide by in order to please guests or, even, superstitions that prevent your partner from seeing you in your dress before you walk down the aisle. 

As the years go by, brides have reused and revised these types of wedding trends in every aspect of the planning process, and bridal fashion, particularly wedding dress trends, is no exception!

What you decide to wear on your wedding day has to be one of the most magical parts of wedding planning and, yet, the process can be extremely overwhelming for brides who are unsure of the aesthetic direction they’d like to explore.

In 2022, we’ve seen brides curate their own style, taking inspiration from traditional brides of years past while remaining true to their own desires by adding their personal, unique touches. 

The following list recount some of the distinctive trends that I’ve seen as brides take in 2022 on their wedding events and look good while doing it!

  • Flowers

They’re not just for your bouquets anymore! Flower accents are being used to elevate simple bridal gowns into looks straight out of a botanical garden. 

If you’re looking for a more whimsical style to match your wedding theme, a floral dress may be just the trendy statement you’re looking for. 

  • Bows 

Though bows have been an accent on wedding dresses for years, brides in 2022 are using them for more than just cinching in the waist. 

Bows on the back, front, and even as a makeshift sweetheart neckline have become a major trend for brides to use as a way to draw attention to all the right places on their big day!

  • Shorter Dresses

Brides in 2022 are trading tradition for comfortability when picking mini- and mid-length dresses, showcasing one of the popular wedding dress trends this year

Sometimes a long train or wide skirt may not be the perfect fit for a bride who’s constantly on the move or who’s having her wedding in an area with a warmer climate. 

Shorter dresses can be convenient, allow for more airflow, and even act as a means to show off another statement piece: your shoes!

  • Silky Slips

With all of the chaos that wedding planning may bring, simplicity can be the best choice for a bride who wants to keep her aesthetics lowkey and minimal, aligning with one of the prominent wedding dress trends.

Unlike other trends on this list, a silk slip is perfect for brides who want to make a statement by going against the grain. 

With no frills and no fuss, a plain slip dress can truly allow a bride to shine and make getting dressed an easy task, too!

  • Feathers

Contrary to a minimal silk slip, brides who want to stand out on their big day may find that a dress with feathers is a perfect choice! 

Whether it’s lining the hem as a flashy embellishment or completely covering the skirt, a dress with feathers can ensure you, as the bride, are the center of attention. 

  • Elegant Sleeves

Sleeves can be a great detail on a dress, especially during colder seasons when brides may want to stay warm. 

The best part of this trend is that it can be such an easy way to add elegance and dimension to your look. 

Try a puff sleeve to channel traditions from years gone by or lace to match the bodice of your dress. Off-the-shoulder sleeves also provide an old-school red-carpet look for the classic, yet a stylish bride. 

Whichever you choose, it’s no doubt that sleeves can be a beautiful addition to your dress. 

  • Outfit Changes (Multi-way Dresses)

Let’s face it, you may find that picking “The One” dress is more difficult than you had imagined. Or maybe you want to shock your guests with a dress that converts into something more fitting for your reception. 

Multi-way dresses or multiple dresses for your wedding day are becoming more and more common for brides in 2022. If you had trouble picking a favorite trend from this list, maybe you’ll find that a change of style on your wedding day is just what you need! 


Of course, no matter which trend you decide is best for you, it’s important that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. Before choosing the right dress (or dresses) you will need to find the perfect place to say “I do.” 

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