Top Wedding Cake Traditions And What Do They Mean!

By: Amber Ellis, Catering Sales Manager

Many people eagerly await the wedding cake as much as seeing the bride in her white gown coming down the aisle. It is one of the most important components of a wedding reception. The wedding cake is also a symbol of unity for the newlywed couple after tying the knot, steeped in wedding cake traditions that add meaning to the celebration.

The cake should be cut right after dinner before the dance floor opens for guests to enjoy. This is the last official tradition of the reception. 

We have included some fun traditions to think about as you choose your wedding cake flavors and favorite wedding venue in Suffolk

  • The proper way to hold a wedding cake knife

Did you know there is a proper way to hold the knife? I was today years old when I learned that her left hand should be placed atop of his left hand when holding the knife together to cut the first slice. It shows off both rings, but of course, the bride’s diamond ring will be the focal point for pictures. 

  • Cake face smash – okay, or no? 

For many years it was customary for the bride and groom to smear the first slice of cake on each other’s faces, one of the many wedding cake traditions that couples may choose to follow or skip.

In my opinion, it temporarily dampens the final ceremony of unity. The sharing of cake is to continue publicly proclaiming love and commitment. Most modern brides have turned a cheek to the old tradition. 

  • White Frosted Wedding Cakes

Traditionally the wedding cake was considered the bride’s cake, adhering to historical wedding cake traditions that emphasized purity and wealth. The white frosting was a symbol of purity. The white frosting was also a symbol of wealth because more refined and white sugars were expensive. 

Many wedding cakes today have white frosting but include pops of color from real or sugar flowers or even colorful frosting. 

Currently, the wedding cake design whether it’s white or colorful has more to do with the wedding theme than tradition. 

  • Happy Anniversary, let’s eat cake!

Another major tradition that remains a staple, is the saving of the top tier. 

A typical wedding cake can range from 2 to 5 tiers of cake, with each tier being a different flavor. 

The top layer is saved frozen until the 1-year anniversary of the couple; In which the newlyweds will share another slice of cake to celebrate the 365 days of true love. 

This tradition is said to bring good luck and success to the couple. While the tradition of eating frozen year-old cake is still going strong there are many bakeries that offer a special small anniversary cake, so you can enjoy a fresh version of your special cake. 

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