Tips For Planning Your New Year’s Eve Party: Event Venue Guide

By Christine Flanagan, Marketing Manager and Facilities Coordinator

Celebrating the new year with friends and family is a great reason to host an event! Planning an event can seem overwhelming at first with all the decisions to make but let us help ease the process. Our Event Venue Guide provides step-by-step instructions to help with the planning process.

1. Guestlist

Establish a guest list. This will help provide direction for your event. If you plan to invite 8-10 people, perhaps the perfect event venue in Suffolk, VA is right at your house. Perhaps the plan is to have 50-100 people (or less), but your house just doesn’t have the right vibe. Then it’s time to look at social event venues in Suffolk, VA. Either way, when you think about it, it’s the company at the event that makes it a successful party.

Key Points – Guestlist
 • How many people are on the guest list will determine the event venue
 • Will children be invited to the event? Activities, food, and entertainment will need to be arranged for the younger crowd.
 • Will guests be traveling from far away? Even if guests are local, they may be interested in a hotel room they can walk to and from the party. The Suffolk Conference Center is a full-service event venue in Suffolk, VA that is attached to the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. A one-stop shop event venue and convenient “take the elevator home” for overnight accommodations.

2. Venue decision

Social event venues in Suffolk, VA are conveniently located. There is a small-town charm you just can’t find in other local cities. If you choose the Suffolk Conference Center for your event venue in Suffolk, VA you’ll have gorgeous views of the Nansemond River!
Key points – Venue
 • How many guests can the venue accommodate? What does that mean for your guest list?
 • Is the location convenient and accessible? Are there overnight accommodations at the venue or within walking distance?
 • Do they have Wi-Fi or a way to watch the ball drop? If that is something you want to incorporate.
 • Are confetti, balloons, or bubbles allowed at the midnight celebration?
 • Do they provide centerpieces or decorations for the tables? If the venue doesn’t offer that you may want to look at DIY projects or hire an event decorator. Event venues in Suffolk, VA may have a preferred vendor list provided to assist with who to contact in the area.
 • Some events will provide a separate room with babysitting for kids. They can watch movies, play games, and just be kids. In contrast, parents get to enjoy the company of adults without the stress of keeping a little one occupied and happy. If this idea is appealing to you, check with your social event venue in Suffolk, VA if they have this capability.
 • Once you have the venue and time booked, send out the invitations 6-8 weeks prior. Invitations can be sent via traditional mail or electronically. Companies like Evite and Paperless Post help make sending electronic invitations and tracking RSVPs easy.

3. Food/beverage selections

Food is a very memorable part of an event. Often, we show love by providing food for our loved ones. It’s no surprise that this should be a top priority when planning your event. The time of the event will help determine the quantity and type of food you want to serve. Most social event venues in Suffolk, VA will have banquet menus to review. They will also sit down and customize a menu to the best of their ability based on your specific requirements.


Key Points – Food/Beverage
 • Include alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage options. Would you like champagne or sparkling cider at midnight?
 • consider dietary concerns or restrictions
 • the time of the event will determine the amount and type of food to provide
 • Don’t forget dessert options! Everyone loves tasty sweet treats.

4. Activities/Games

The Suffolk, VA venue where you are hosting your event will need to coordinate the setup of the room with everything you will need in the space. For example, do you plan to have a photo booth area for guests to take pictures with fun props? Your social event venue in Suffolk, VA can help provide vendor recommendations to get you started. Here are a few suggestions for game activities.


Key Points – Activities
 • New Year Resolution Station, provide your guests with an opportunity to write down their goals for the next year. Provide pens, note cards, and envelopes so guests can take it with them.
 • Photo booth with props
 • DJ or band to encourage dancing and keep the party mood.
 • At midnight, provide guests with noise makers.
 • Plan a few minute-to-win-it games to get guests up and moving around.
 • If the kids are in the same room as the adults all night, remember to keep it kid friendly. Perhaps provide a coloring station or a few games kids can play together.

5. Theme Ideas For Your Event

The theme of the event can be as simple as ringing in the new year. But sometimes an added theme can be fun for attendees. The theme will also help determine how formal your event is. Your social event venue in Suffolk, VA can help provide suggestions as well. Don’t forget to think about what you are going to wear!


Key points – Event Theme
 • Ringing in the New Year
 • Masquerade
 • Dancing through the Decades or pick a specific decade
 • Black and white ball
 • Hollywood Red Carpet
 • A Night in Paris
 • Casino Party
 • Around the World

Hosting an event for friends and family may seem intimidating at first, but don’t let it get the best of you. Once you start checking items off your to-do list you will feel much better. As the premier event venue in Suffolk, VA, the Suffolk Conference Center will assist you in coordinating the most magical night. You deserve to have a fabulous night celebrating. So, on the night of your event take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the party! Contact us to book your event at the Suffolk Conference Center.