Rules To Follow When Attending A Business Event

By: Davina Applewhite


If you’ve been invited to a work or business event venue, you may realize that it’s much different than attending any other event, such as a wedding or birthday party. There are specific (and often unspoken) rules to follow to aid in making this type of event productive.
Whether you are attending your first business event or you need to brush up on some etiquette for your hundredth, this list of rules to follow while you’re an attendee will help you present the best version of yourself and ensure that the event goes off without a hitch!

1. Dress Professionally

An essential part of presenting the best version of yourself is dressing in an approachable and appropriate manner. Save the disco pants and wacky hats for your next holiday party. A business event is a great time to pull out a nice pair of slacks, button-ups, or a sleek and minimal dress. Making a good impression is everything; your outfit may be the first thing people notice about you. Adhering to a business-friendly dress code ensures that your clothes don’t speak for you.

2. Arrive On-time

While it’s okay to be fashionably late for some other events, you must be punctual when attending a business event. Arriving early may even award you with more time to talk to others, as well as give you time to settle into the swing of things. Will there be valuable speeches to which you will have to listen? Will you be given time to mingle with the other colleagues in attendance? Being on time allows you to fully experience every part of the business event and leave feeling accomplished.

3. Get Out and Mingle!

Most business events are the perfect time to communicate with the others in attendance. Networking is great for meeting new colleagues and forming new ideas and can be essential to your future business endeavors. Always be sure to introduce yourself to a new face and greet those you may already know. Of course, every business event is different. So, if there is time, always take advantage of getting to speak with others, as it may be a life-changing moment or an opportunity to gain more knowledge. You never know!

4. Be courteous

Unlike other occasions, business events require you to be more professional. And while it’s fundamental to engage in the previous step: networking, it only works if you do it right. So, be mindful of the time others are taking to host and speak at this event. Make sure to give any speaker or colleague your undivided attention. Try to stick to topics that pertain to business or work unless you personally know the colleague with whom you are conversing. And of course, don’t forget your manners at home. “Please, thank you, and excuse me” still go a long way!

5. Online Event Etiquette

Since the pandemic’s start, many businesses have opted for safer and more inclusive methods of hosting meetings and events. While all of the previous rules still apply, there are additional rules to follow while attending a business event from the comfort of your home. One of those rules includes making sure you have a neat and minimal background to ensure the focus remains on you. This also means that any other parties (dogs, cats, children, family members) should be notified of your online meeting or momentarily away from the view of your screen. Avoid getting up and doing other tasks while in online events. Your main priority should be the event, just as if you were physically there.

Bonus: Tips About Trade Show Venue

The more you prep yourself the more confident and calm you’ll feel at the event. Keep in mind that many trade show venues are large and spread out, parking may be limited or far away from where the actual meeting is. Arriving early will ensure finding parking and locating the event is not an issue. In addition to thinking ahead about parking it’s also a good idea to think about the temperature outside vs inside. Large trade show venues often keep the venue cool, dressing in layers will allow you to stay comfortable no matter the temperature in the meeting space.


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