Interesting Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas This Fall

By: Davina Applewhite, Front Desk Associate


The arrival of fall brings the perfect weather for outdoor weddings, inspiring a plethora of outdoor wedding venue ideas. During this season, your wedding guests won’t have to worry about sweating in their seats as they watch you exchange vows, nor will they be constantly huddled around a fire pit for warmth during cocktail hour.
The season is quick to pass, so if you’re thinking of hosting an autumn wedding outdoors––especially in states where you experience all seasons––be sure to reserve a venue just as quickly!
An ideal venue for your outdoor wedding may be hard to come by. Still, you will find that some outdoor wedding venues, especially in Suffolk, Virginia, are just too hard to pass up regarding their layout and accommodations.
For example, Suffolk outdoor wedding venues like the one at The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront create an ideal atmosphere for planning a wedding outside. Complete with a wide-open space situated right along the Nansemond River, The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront ensures that you will have a beautiful, large wedding venue fit for hosting your ceremony and/or reception outside.
While there are plenty of ways to spruce up an indoor venue, Suffolk outdoor wedding venues can be just as lovely, and you have plenty of exciting options to choose from, as well. Those include:

1. A Garden

A garden venue can be beautiful in the spring or summertime. However, an autumn garden just before the transition of winter is a perfectly interesting and eye-catching outdoor venue idea that will be sure to blow guests away and bring a pop of color to your wedding photos.

2. Lake/River

While summertime usually welcomes beachfront weddings, the season of autumn is the perfect time for a lake- or riverfront wedding! The difference in the atmosphere creates that cozy feeling that is hard to replicate during any other season. Outside wedding venues in Suffolk, like that at the Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront, situate you and your guests along the river so you can experience a charming outdoor view during your celebration.

3. Forest/Woods

The direct opposite of the ever-popular waterside wedding is a wedding where the forest is the main focus and a part of the venue decorating. Using the changing colors of the autumn leaves to your advantage can be a great way to mesh the season’s transitional period to your outside wedding venue in Suffolk, VA, offering unique outdoor wedding venue ideas.
In conjunction with the cool, pleasant weather that the season brings, the changing colors of leaves on the trees create a favorable and aesthetically-pleasing backdrop for any pictures that you may take on your special day. With a breathtaking view of trees surrounding the Nansemond River, The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront’s woodsy outdoor backdrop can quickly bring life to your wedding venue if you incorporate those same signature fall colors into your overall theme.

4. Backyards

Backyards make a great fall wedding venue for smaller weddings, as they tend to have less space, which means a closer, more intimate feel. Due to the changing fall foliage, you will most likely be able to see and speak to each of your guests, and backyard weddings can look just as beautiful as a rented space.

5. Tents

Because the weather is unpredictable and you’ll want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, setting up a tent or tent for your outdoor wedding may be a bright idea. Tents allow for a makeshift indoor space while still having easy access to the ample surrounding outdoor area. Tents also introduce a makeshift ceiling that can be room for more autumnal-themed decorations like chandeliers, candles, or lanterns.

6. Veranda

Every venue has different features and amenities. If you require two separate areas to celebrate your outdoor ceremony and reception, features like the Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront’s covered veranda allow you to do just that, adding to your list of outdoor wedding venue ideas! The spacious patio offers enough room to set up as a designated area for your ceremony, photos, or even a cocktail hour that your wedding guests can enjoy.
Or maybe you have an extensive list of guests attending your wedding. Outside wedding venues in Suffolk, VA, tend to be better for accommodating larger groups as there is typically no maximum occupancy quota. A large area leading out to that river is at the Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront, right off the hotel’s veranda. This area is perfect for setting up a ceremony space that will give you more freedom to invite and welcome more guests.
All in all, outside wedding venues in the Suffolk, Virginia, area are hard to come by, so no matter where you are hosting your wedding, you want it to be a special place for you and your guests to celebrate if you’re searching for a space to host your big day, consider The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront in Suffolk to meet any and all of your wedding venue desires!