How To Plan a Multicultural Winter Celebration

By: Lillian Miller, Event Coordinator


Are you struggling to plan a multicultural celebration this winter? The holidays can mean various things to people with different religious beliefs and backgrounds. Planning any celebration takes a lot of coordination and can be daunting without some help. You may be thinking, “Where do I even start” “What should I incorporate and not incorporate” or “How can I get the vision I am looking for?”. Let us help alleviate some of the stress of planning a multicultural event with the following pro tips.

Suffolk, VA, has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a social event venue. Suffolk, Virginia, is in such a diverse area, and that has its perks. When you talk with your peers or coworkers, you will find out about celebrations you would not have thought of or heard about otherwise. This easy 4-step guide will help you plan the perfect multicultural winter celebration and help you select the right social event venue in Suffolk, VA.


1. Be inclusive but not forceful

It is common for the Suffolk Conference Center to host ethnic weddings and holiday family reunions during the winter months. Beautiful drapes and artwork can transform the ballroom into another world. Everyone who attends the celebration may have different backgrounds or values, so it is essential to be as inclusive as possible and not forceful. Some things to think about when planning your social event or family reunion in Suffolk are:


  • Include others in your celebration planning but also be mindful that they might not have the same outlook. This can include managing family expectations in the early stages of planning. The idea is to have a multicultural or ethnic event, combining the best of two or more cultures.
  • Sharing stories from the past can be extraordinary and give others a different outlook on things.
  • Embracing diversity can be uplifting, especially in this day. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, you can create something very special and unique.
  • Your social event venue in Suffolk, VA, will have ideas and options they may have previously seen that they can provide to help you make plans.


2. Incorporate broad menu selections

For ethnic weddings and social events in Suffolk, VA, food is a massive part of the party. Many cultures celebrate through their food when they have big feasts, and many passed-down recipes get to be shared, which are very special. There are also many different family reunion venues here in VA that offer various foods. Food brings people together.


  • It’s essential to know your audience. In general, planning a menu requires taking many dietary restrictions into account. It can be a balancing act to accommodate cultural preferences, allergies, and preferred menu options. While it may seem like a challenge, it can be done! Allowing guests who may not be exposed to different cultural dishes to learn and find a new favorite.
  • Find a chef to create a special menu for your event, giving your event a unique twist. Our social event venue in Suffolk, Virginia, has a fantastic food and beverage team. Our chef will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind menu. We also partner with some restaurants that specialize in specific cultural cuisine.
  • Alcohol is often part of social events. While many cultures associate celebrations with wine, beer, and liquor, others do not. Remember that it’s okay to have options with alcohol served at your event, even if not everyone will partake. You must also include alcohol-free options. Offering a fun mocktail (a cocktail-style drink made without liquor) is a great addition and a way to include everyone.


3. Decorating and including informative displays 

If you’re having an informative or educational ethnic event, having displays for the guests can be very enlightening. There is a lot of event space in the Suffolk Conference Center if you choose that as your social event venue in Suffolk, VA. We also have a spacious pre-function area outside the ballrooms and an outdoor veranda, allowing guests to see the displays. All our different cultures are unique in some way. Incorporating interesting event design elements can spice it up! Adding small touches can incorporate some flare and excitement into the final look.


  • Incorporate historical artifacts or references that could be informative to your guests.
  • You can show off your culture with the different textures, shapes, colors, etc., when you decorate. You can transform a ballroom when you have a bit of creativity, resources, and space.
  • There are many special event vendors that you can work with for your event. The event venue or wedding venue in Suffolk, Virginia, can provide a list of preferred vendors they would recommend.


4. Choose an experienced venue in a beautiful location

Suffolk, Virginia, is great for hosting any family reunion or social event. The Norfolk International Airport isn’t far for travelers that may be flying. Suffolk, Virginia, is centrally located to many local attractions. It provides your guests with various things to do while in town for your event. Attached to the Suffolk Conference Center is the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront hotel that can accommodate your guest’s stayover needs.


  • The Suffolk Conference Center is an award-winning hotel in Suffolk, VA.
  • The knowledgeable event sales team and the skilled Food and Beverage department at the Suffolk Conference Center are here to help.
  • The grand ballroom and hotel are located on the Nansemond riverfront. Creating a gorgeous backdrop for event photos.
Planning a multicultural winter celebration can take a lot of planning. Book your event at the Suffolk Conference Center. It is a perfect place to have your celebration. We will ensure your celebration is an event you and your guests will not forget.