How to Best Use a Wedding Venue’s Event Space

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can be complicated and stressful. From caterers to florists, there’s so much to consider! But one of the essential pieces of the puzzle is choosing the right wedding venue in Suffolk, VA, for your special day. It needs to have enough space for all your guests, plus any entertainment or activities you might plan during the celebration. What’s more, it should fit with your personal style and vision for your wedding. 

Congratulations if you’ve already chosen a wedding venue with a great event space! You’re well on your way to having an amazing reception that fits what you want perfectly – now let us show you how best to use this space so that everything runs smoothly on your big day! 

The layout is one thing to consider when looking for wedding venues in Suffolk, VA. Can it accommodate everything you need while making it into your dream space? What I mean is, a lot of the time, the space can be grand and big, and if you do not fill it up, it can look empty. You may also fall in love with a small, intimate indoor wedding venue, but it might only accommodate some of what you need. If you have many people at your wedding, but in a small intimate location, everything will feel squished. 

There are many places to get married in Suffolk, VA, but let’s discuss our Suffolk Conference Center. Our top-notch wedding venue in Suffolk, VA, offers fabulously flexible spaces for your special day. Need more room? Exchange vows outdoors alongside the stunning river park, Constant’s Wharf Park – ideal in summertime sunshine! When planning and decorating your wedding venue in Suffolk, VA, it is important to consider many details to help utilize it efficiently. Here are some key tips to help maximize your time and ease your planning process. 

Tables and Chairs 

When utilizing and optimizing Suffolk indoor wedding venue space for an event, the type of furniture you choose can make all the difference. For effortless style and modern grandeur, round tables are great for filling open spaces, as they often provide more opportunities for larger table centerpieces or decorations. However, in smaller venues where intimacy is desired, long rectangular tables take up less space, leaving plenty of room to add those all-important finishing touches. When researching places to get married in Suffolk, VA, it’s essential to know what the wedding venue will provide. You don’t want an unexpected expense and hassle of renting items you didn’t realize weren’t included. 

At the Suffolk Conference Center, we provide banquet chairs. However, if you are going for a specific style, you may rent a different chair style from an event rental company

Types of chairs are, 

  • Mahogany or White Chiavari Chairs 
  • Folding Chiavari Chairs 
  • Mr. And Mrs. Chairs, Upholstered Chairs 
  • Clear Acrylic Ghost Chairs 
  • White or Redwood Resin Woodlook Chairs 
  • Black or White Shell Back Folding Chairs 

In addition to the various types of chairs that can be rented, there are options to add chair cushions to Chiavari chairs and sashes. The sashes often come in multiple colors and materials, like satin and organza. Another option that may be more cost-effective is to rent chair covers. There are drop-on chair covers or scuba chair covers with color options that range from classic to bold. Typically, with chair covers, there will also be a sash or band. This variety of options allows you to add pops of color and transform any wedding venue in Suffolk, VA.   


 There are many things to consider when choosing décor. Remember that some options are great for small venues, while others are better suited for larger ones. 


Think about pieces above eye level to heighten a grand indoor wedding venue. For example, when guests are seated at the table, they should be able to see the other guests at the table and other remarkable moments during the reception. 

Linen colors 

Dark-colored linens can make the event feel heavier and bolder. Conversely, light-colored linens can make a small space feel lighter and airier. 

Display Wall 

Elevate your wedding décor to a whole new level with creative wall visuals! The possibilities are endless, from vibrant photo walls and chic champagne displays to eye-catching flower arrangements. So let your imagination fly when it comes time to design an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. 

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas 

Including a 360 photobooth or traditional photo booth is a fun interaction for your guests and can easily be staged in the corner of the wedding venue in Suffolk, VA. Most of the time, your guests will walk away with a memorable souvenir, and you’ll get a copy to see all the fun your guests were having. 


Create an intimate, dreamy atmosphere for your special day with candles and low lighting. Add height to the room by incorporating tall tapered candles into the centerpieces. – tall candles create a stunning height effect that captures attention and adds dimension in larger ballrooms. Up-lightings can be used to create a bold statement. At the same time, spotlights or pin lights draw attention to alluring details like a grand cake display! Adding candles is a great way to give your space an intimate and elegant touch to any wedding, big or small! 

Ceiling space 

Talk to your wedding venue in Suffolk, VA about pipe, drape, and ceiling draping swag to optimize space in large ballrooms. This can be an option if the ballroom will be divided into different sections throughout the event or to provide a dreamy event space. 

For wedding venues in Suffolk, VA, with high ceilings, there are options to incorporate chandeliers, lanterns, bistro lights, Japanese lanterns, and even balloon chandeliers. There are elegant chandeliers that provide a romantic glow. Other options are purely for display without actual light. Between the lighting and draping, it’s an exquisite look. It will transform the room completely. Now if it is a smaller room with low ceilings, this type of décor will make the wedding venue in Suffolk, VA feel even smaller like the ceiling is coming down at you. 

Suffolk Indoor Wedding Venues vs. Outdoor wedding venues 

There are lots of places to get married in Suffolk that have indoor and outdoor wedding venues. With an outdoor wedding venue, you have little control over the weather. This may require a backup indoor wedding venue option or at least renting a tent. With an indoor wedding venue, you are safer from the elements of mother nature. If you’ve been dreaming about an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Suffolk Conference Center, couples to say “I do” in the park at Constant’s Wharf Park, move to the covered veranda for cocktail hour, and enjoy the reception in the ballroom. This option provides the advantages of an indoor and outdoor wedding venue. 

Suffolk Indoor Wedding Venues Perks 

  • More décor options that will not get ruined by the weather. 
  • Controlled lighting 
  • The event can happen whether rain or shine! 

Suffolk Outdoor Wedding Venues Perks 

  • Beautiful Scenery 
  • Natural lighting 
  • Gorgeous wedding photos 
  • Outdoor lawn games during the cocktail hour 

Now you have a few tips to consider when booking an event space for your wedding. Most of all, ensure it fits your vision for your special day. Whether you prefer the aesthetic of an indoor or outdoor ceremony makes all the difference when searching for venues.  The Suffolk Conference Center is a great place to begin your search, as it has various wedding reception and ceremony options. Additionally, with our expansive ceiling spaces, lighting features, and customizable decor, we can ensure that every detail of your day is absolutely perfect. We are also connected to the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, a full-service hotel that can help with hotel accommodations for travelers. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a tour and see what we have to offer at the Suffolk Conference Center – we are confident that this will be the venue you choose for your big day. So start planning now and make sure your dream wedding becomes a reality! Contact us today to schedule a tour of the Suffolk Conference Center, the premier wedding venue in Suffolk, VA!