Family Reunion Location: Things To Consider Before You Decide

Family Reunions are a great way to stay in contact and reconnect with family.  It is also the perfect time to welcome new additions to the family.  When booking your family reunion, choosing the right family reunion location is crucial. Here are a few things you should consider before you decide:

  • Budget
  • Where/What City
  • When/Date of the Reunion
  • Venue
  • Itinerary 

Family Reunions are perfect to celebrate family heritage and learn more about family history. First, find a city that is rich in history and affordable for everyone.

Suffolk is an excellent choice and arguably the best place for a family reunion. Suffolk has the feel of the country’s intimate setting but is nestled in a city. Suffolk is perfect for family gatherings and celebrations. Suffolk, Virginia is close to many beaches, museums, nature tours, and parks in the area which makes it perfect for the event venues.

Finding a place large enough to accommodate your family reunion is a key factor in selecting the best family reunion location. You want to have a venue with plenty of meeting space, overnight rooms and a restaurant. The date of your family reunion is important, try to keep the same date year after year. This will make it easier for planning, preparation and budget for your family.

The Suffolk Conference Center & Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, the best place for a family reunion, sits along the historic Nansemond River & Constant Wharf Park in Suffolk, VA. It is the perfect place for your next family reunion. The Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, one of the best family reunion locations, has a full-service restaurant.

The “Garden Grille” is an award-winning “Local Choice Award” for the best breakfast buffet in Suffolk, Virginia. Imagine at your next family reunion having a send-off with breakfast full of fun with great food and family.

If you are looking for a “One Stop Shop” venue, the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront is the venue for you. Our venue, recognized as one of the best family reunion locations, can accommodate groups of up to 550 people for your events with free parking.  

Suffolk Conference Center is the perfect venue for the family reunion, family night talent show, game night, dinner, dance & other events.  Whether you decide to have an event, book overnight rooms, have a reception on our Veranda or even have a barbeque in the park…We are here to serve your next family reunion and help you choose the perfect family reunion location.


Lisa D. Burrell

Director of Sales & Catering

Suffolk Conference Center & Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront