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  • Class Reunion

    5 Unforgettable Class Reunion ideas

    By: Lillian Miller, Event Coordinator  Are you part of the reunion planning committee but don’t know where to start? Whether it is your 10th, 25th, or even 50th class reunion, you want to make it memorable as possible. We’ve got 5 unforgettable class reunion ideas from our pros at the Suffolk Conference Center in Suffolk,…

  • Wedding venue planning after getting engaged

    When to Start Planning for Your Wedding After Getting Engaged

    By Lillian Miller: Event Coordinator Getting engaged is an exciting time, and you should enjoy every moment!! It is a beautiful and memorable thing to be able to celebrate the love of your life with your family and close friends. Starting your wedding planning can be very daunting, and you may need help knowing where…

  • Celebrating New Years Eve

    Tips For Planning Your New Year’s Eve Party: Event Venue Guide

    By Christine Flanagan, Marketing Manager and Facilities Coordinator Celebrating the new year with friends and family is a great reason to host an event! Planning an event can seem overwhelming at first with all the decisions to make but let us help ease the process. Our Event Venue Guide provides step-by-step instructions to help with…

  • Multicultural Winter Event Space

    How To Plan a Multicultural Winter Celebration

    By: Lillian Miller, Event Coordinator   Are you struggling to plan a multicultural celebration this winter? The holidays can mean various things to people with different religious beliefs and backgrounds. Planning any celebration takes a lot of coordination and can be daunting without some help. You may be thinking, “Where do I even start” “What…

  • Holiday Events decorations and plates

    5 Tips To Stay Stress-Free While Planning Your Holiday Events

    By Lillian Miller, Events Coordinator The holiday season is approaching, which means lots of planning, decorating, and cooking. With so much to do, it can be a very stressful time of the year. Navigating it all alone can be very strenuous, overwhelming, and time-consuming. It would be nice to relax during the holidays, spend time…

  • Professionals attending a business event venue

    Rules To Follow When Attending A Business Event

    By: Davina Applewhite   If you’ve been invited to a work or business event venue, you may realize that it’s much different than attending any other event, such as a wedding or birthday party. There are specific (and often unspoken) rules to follow to aid in making this type of event productive. Whether you are…

  • Social Event Celebration and Planning

    The Ultimate Guide To Social Event Planning

    By Davina Applewhite Are you looking to throw a fun-filled birthday bash for a momentous milestone? Or maybe you’re in charge of getting your family together for the next reunion. Is it your responsibility to host a networking event for a major company? Regardless of the details, planning a social event is no easy feat. This guide…

  • Notebook for Event Planning

    Important Things to Keep In Mind When Planning an Event

    By Troy Bailey, Catering Coordinator Choosing the perfect venue for your social event can seem like a daunting task. While considering all the factors it takes to build an event from start to finish, it does not have to be as challenging as one might believe. Here are a few key points to consider as a client…

  • image-on-hover

    Picking a Theme for Your Event

    By Davina Applewhite, Front Desk Associate Whether you’re planning an extravagant wedding, an action-packed family reunion, or a surprise birthday party, organizing any event can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we aim to make event planning a stress-free and exciting process for you at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront! One of the first things…