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  • Wine

    Pairing the Wine and Food the Right Way for Your Celebration!

    You’ve thought of all the little details to make your special event memorable for you and your guests so let us provide you with tips on pairing the perfect wines to go with your menu.  Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or enjoy a casual glass of wine now and then we are here…

  • conference room

    Look what Suffolk Conference Center’s Meeting Space can offer you!

    From large corporate gatherings to intimate weddings, look at what Suffolk Conference Center’s Meeting Space can offer you! Finding the right meeting space for your event can be a tedious process.  There are many variables to consider such as the location of your event, the number of people attending, and if you will serve meals. …

  • family photos

    Family Reunion Location: Things To Consider Before You Decide

    Family Reunions are a great way to stay in contact and reconnect with family.  It is also the perfect time to welcome new additions to the family.  When booking your family reunion, things you should consider before you decide are: Budget Where/What City When/Date of the Reunion Venue Itinerary  Family Reunions are perfect to celebrate…

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    Best Time to Get Married in Suffolk

    The best time to get married in Suffolk is really…ANY TIME!  May, June, and October are the most popular wedding months. These dates tend to fill up very quickly since demand is very high. If you aren’t locked into a specific month then look at popular seasonal wedding trends to help determine your perfect wedding…