5 Unforgettable Class Reunion ideas

By: Lillian Miller, Event Coordinator 
Are you part of the reunion planning committee but don’t know where to start? Whether it is your 10th, 25th, or even 50th class reunion, you want to make it memorable as possible. We’ve got 5 unforgettable class reunion ideas from our pros at the Suffolk Conference Center in Suffolk, VA.
Class reunions are a great time to revisit childhood class memories, see your old yearbooks, and catch up with former classmates. There’s something special about going through and reminiscing on the past and remembering all those beautiful memories. Our team has decades of experience helping plan and execute memorable events at the Suffolk Conference Center in Suffolk, VA. Here are some unforgettable ideas to remember when planning your upcoming reunion.

1.    Party Theme

Having a theme gets your guests excited about dressing up! A theme can also help define the direction of the decorations, food, and any activities you want to include. The Theme will also help guide you when touring and ultimately selecting suitable event venues near Suffolk, VA. Here are a couple of themes to think about for your reunion.
  • Classy Event Themes
    • Black Tie
    • Night at the Oscars
    • Casino Night
  • Flashy Event Themes
    • Disco or 70’s
    • Mardi Gras
    • Roaring 20’s
  • Random Event Themes
    • Wild West night
    • Superhero
    • Outer Space

2.    Going down memory lane

I do not know about you, but I love going through old photos and videos and remembering fun times in the good old days. Sure, it may be a little cringy to see, but it is fun to reminisce about your childhood or college years. While touring event venues near Suffolk, VA, remember to discuss spacing and options to have displays out during your event. Here are a couple of ideas to help achieve that!
· Show a slideshow with old photos and videos.
· Display old yearbooks from specific years. It is always fun to reread what classmates wrote.
· Show off old jerseys or trophies from sports teams that may have won anything significant.

3.    Entertainment

Entertainment is vital to have to keep your guests engaged during the event. During your class reunion, having a playlist that includes the songs and artists from the time you graduated will be a big hit! With those songs and dance moves, this would take you down memory lane. Most social event venues in Suffolk, VA, can help provide a list of preferred vendors. Here are a couple of options to think about.
  • Local DJ
  • Live Band
  • Or you could hook up an old laptop to a screen and have karaoke!
Not all entertainment has to be music related; there are other entertainment routes you could choose from! Remember that all event venues in Suffolk, VA, and other neighboring cities will have different capabilities to make all your entertainment dreams a reality.
  • Comedy show
  • Magician or Illusionist
  • Roast & Toast, have classmates sign up for Roasting speeches; Keep this fun and easy-going.
  • LED laser show

4.    Decorations

Nothing better than getting into the school spirit by decorating with your school colors! Think of the event venues in Suffolk, VA, as a blank canvas. You can transform a space with a bit of imagination and decor. The Conference Center in Suffolk, VA, the team can show you photos of past events or provide a list of event decorators to check out to assist.
  • Balloons and balloon arches help create an entertaining space. There are also balloon garlands and chandeliers!
  • Having a backdrop where everyone can take incredible pictures or having a photographer snap everyone’s photos is an excellent addition to the party. Custom step and repeat banners with the school logo personalize the event.
  • You can customize Table centerpieces to the school theme, decade, or colors. The event venues in Suffolk, VA, may provide basic centerpiece options you can use and add to with your personal touch.

5.    Games

What is a party without a couple of games to have for your classmates? It may be awkward initially, so try to get everyone to open up and relax with icebreaker games. Here are a couple of ideas to keep everyone interacting and get talking. The Suffolk Conference Center in Suffolk, VA, has options on hand to rent or can provide information on local vendors to rent from.
  • Cornhole is a classic; you can also get boards with your school logo on them!
  • Jumbo Jenga
  • A table full of different board games
  • If the event theme is casino night, having various casino tables would be a hit!
  • Virtual Reality pods, stations where guests utilize VR goggles and remotes to play different games. The VR screens are often displayed on TV, so other guests can watch what is happening.
  • A little different than a traditional photo booth, 360 photo booths are trendy right now. They are video booths that rotate around a platform where guests will stand, dance, or pose. The result is a glam video that is either slow motion, boomerang, or regular video.
Consider hosting your next reunion at the Suffolk Conference Center if you want your next event to be talked about for years to come. With our top-notch facilities and experienced event planners, we can help you pull off a class reunion that will be truly unforgettable.
Your classmates will be amazed at the lengths you went to make this a memorable experience. They’ll also appreciate having to drive only a little and that there are options for staying overnight. The Suffolk Conference Center is centrally located, making it easy for everyone to get to. It’s also large enough to accommodate your whole class comfortably, with plenty of room for mingling and catching up. And if anyone wants to extend their stay, they can take the elevator home with spacious rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn. We’d love to work with you to make your vision a reality – contact us today to get started!