5 Interesting Ideas For Your Fall Events

By Davina Applewhite
As the sweet summer heat is replaced by crisp, fresh air and chilly breezes that shake the orange leaves of trees, one of the best times to host your special event is fall.
Suppose you’re planning an event in the fall season. In that case, you may be wondering how to incorporate these same comforting, autumnal vibes in a way that emphasizes the season while also adhering to your social event.
Because fall is such a transitional period, you may even be hosting various events at this time. Or perhaps you’re still in the process of deciding which type of event would be best for entertaining and pleasing your guests.
Listed below are five exciting event ideas for your fall events.

A Fresh Start

Fall marks the start of new beginnings for many people. One of those beginnings includes students returning to school. If you’re looking to give back to and engage with your surrounding community, a back-to-school supplies drive or fundraising event is a heartfelt way to do that. Parents, children, and even teachers in your area will appreciate the sentiment, and your event will undoubtedly be a crowd-pleaser!

Happy Halloween

Though it may seem like an obvious choice, this spooky holiday is. Costume parties are a great way to allow your guests to be creative. This type of event can also be accompanied by a costume contest, which is a fun way to get your guests involved while acknowledging their effort and presence at your event. Specifically, a Halloween costume theme may be a perfect way to exemplify that jovial, celebratory spirit if you’re looking to host a birthday party at your event venue.

Embrace the Outdoors

Take advantage of those last few days of perfect weather before winter arrives and plan your event outdoors! Hosting an outdoor event can be the ideal way to capture the beauty of the transitional season. The great thing about an outdoor venue in the fall is that the nature surrounding the location can act as a statement or “decor” for your event. A venue with a designated outdoor space for events, such as The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront, is the best place to execute this idea.

Shades of Fall

Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns are calm fall colors that create a beautiful event theme. Also, accent colors like gold or black make a sleek look that will bring style to your event space. This theme works perfectly for trade show events. Details with these colors, such as tablecloths, table runners, or designated signs, create cohesion to unify the different businesses displaying their products. Or, if you’re planning an autumn wedding, these colors work well together in a way that creates an elegant look for your special day.

A Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Ideal for a family reunion or an office party, a Thanksgiving theme is one of the best ways to bring your group of guests together. As the final holiday of autumn, Thanksgiving celebrates a togetherness that is exemplary for special events hosted in the fall. Therefore, it is a great way to commemorate the final few weeks or days leading up to the winter while also spending time with those closest to you.
If you plan to host an event in the fall, consider these creative ideas to elevate your party and event space. The perfect venue will be able to meet all of your social event needs, which is why The Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront in Suffolk would be a fabulous fit for any season–but especially for fall!