4 Tips To Help You Organize A Family Reunion

By Lillian Miller, Events Coordinator


Organizing a big family reunion can be intimidating, but it should be fun and exciting! Seeing your relatives from all over come together is an extraordinary time. From bonding over years of memories, sharing food, and learning family recipes, it is a special event you will make memories to keep and pass on. Picking a family reunion venue in VA for your event can be critical. Luckily there are numerous event venues near Suffolk, Va. Suffolk, Virginia is an excellent location because it’s easy to travel to and near many tourist destinations.

These 4 tips will help you come up with ideas to help organize your family reunion. Planning can be overwhelming, so we aim to ensure you are prepared and organized for your reunion while finding suitable event venues near Suffolk, Va.


1. Don’t plan alone – create a committee or team.

With so many moving parts and pieces to locating and securing a family reunion venue in VA and all the details to account for, you’ll be glad you have a team. The family reunion committee or group should be manageable, or it will become more difficult to accomplish tasks. (Think of the phrase, “too many chefs in the kitchen.”) A few key family members who can lean on each other and utilize their strengths to help gather everyone is ideal. Tasks can be delegated amongst the team. You’ll have someone to brainstorm with and help keep track of details.


2. Find an easy way to invite everyone.

There are easier ways now to invite family members using technology. You can send electronic invitations to family members. In addition to saving time, it can also be more cost-effective. Doing it online can help by saving family members’ contact info, easily sharing pictures, and keeping in touch. On social media, you can also look at different event venues near Suffolk, VA! Here are some online ways to invite family members to the family reunion venue in VA!

●  Evite is an online invitation you can send to all your family members, so you can keep track of who is coming and who is not. It is a great tool to use. It saves your event so that you will have everyone’s contact information from the previous time at the next family reunion. A time saver, so you do not have to track everyone down each year.
●  Another way to reach out and plan a big event is to make a Facebook group of all your family members. Then family members can also reach out to other members and add them to the group. Over the years, the page can grow and make planning much smoother. It is cool to look back at the beginning and watch it grow over the years with memories added from different family members.


3. Picking a location and venue

Picking a venue can be a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of family reunion venues in VA. The Suffolk Conference Center is one of the largest event venues in Suffolk, VA, and can accommodate both your event space and overnight sleeping rooms for you & your family members. It is also near a lot of different types of activities for people of all ages. Your family members will have no shortage of entertainment. Here are additional items to consider when selecting your event venue in Suffolk, VA.

● How many family members will be attending the event and need accommodations?
● How far will each family need to travel? Some family members may want to stay longer or leave earlier than others. You’ll want to know if the arrival and departure dates can vary with the group rate.


4. Organizing activities

People come from all over and see relatives you may not see often. Trying to make small talk can be a little intimidating. Having games or memorabilia set up can help jump-start conversations and bring people together. When having your event venue near Suffolk, VA., here are some ideas of what you can incorporate into your family reunion.

● Memorabilia can be unique; having some family members bring in photo books and maybe even show old family videos can make your reunion special.
● Having outside games like cornhole, board games, life-size Jenga, or even a friendly soccer game. We have plenty of ballroom space and are located right on the Riverfront, so there is plenty of room for activities and great photo opportunities on our lawn.
● Activities are a must, but also be mindful to keep some time blocked for the family to hang out and catch up or reminisce. The Hilton Garden Inn has a large, beautiful lobby and outdoor veranda on the Nansemond River, perfect for creating new family memories.


Our Hotel & Event Venue in Suffolk, VA

While many event venues near Suffolk, VA, can host your special family reunion. The Hilton Garden Inn and Suffolk Conference Center is the perfect place for your event; located on the Nansemond Riverfront and is near fun family favorite activities the whole group can enjoy. We are a full-service hotel with multiple ballrooms, an outside seating area, and free parking. Our sales team can help plan your special family reunion in Virginia and provide information about the local area for you and your family to enjoy.

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